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Building The Foundation 
For Tomorrow.

  • Excavating

  • Soil Stabilization

  • Ponds

  • Trench Drains

  • Septic Systems

Reliable Excavating for You

Our advanced excavating services are key to starting any construction or landscaping project on the right foot. With top-notch equipment and thorough planning, we ensure every job is done with precision and care.

Why to Choose PH Earthworks & Contracting:


Efficiency and Safety

Our experienced team combines speed with safety, ensuring projects stay on schedule without compromising workplace safety.

excavator at work

Debris Management

We handle the removal and proper disposal of all excavated material, keeping your site clean and compliant with all regulations.

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Customizable Approaches

We tailor our excavating strategies to meet the unique requirements of your project, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Choose Us for Your Excavating Needs

With our deep commitment to precision, advanced technology, and environmentally responsible practices, we stand out as the top choice for your excavating projects.


Trust us to prepare your site with efficiency and care, ensuring a solid foundation for whatever you plan to build.

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We Make It Simple.

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Contact Us

Reach out with your vision. We’re ready to listen and guide you forward.

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Get a Free Quote

We'll assess your needs and provide a clear, no-obligation estimate.

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Pull The Trigger

Approve the quote, and we’ll bring your project to life, ensuring success every step of the way.

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Precision and Integrity

At PH Earthwork & Contracting, we pledge to deliver top-notch excavating services with a focus on precision, environmental stewardship, and safety.


Trust us to lay the groundwork for your project with the utmost care and professionalism, ensuring a solid foundation for your future developments.

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